Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tips to Save Electricity

At school my equerry is how to save electricity and energy. here are some of mums tips. Turn off lights when not in room,try not to use the dryer too much in winter to dry clothes,use door draught stoppers to keep heat in the house all times and last but not lies check water temperature is not to hot (55-60c).

I save electricity by using cold water doing the washing and when I am not watching TV I turn it off at the switch.

image by CyboRoz


  1. Hi Pier,
    Wow! You know so many ways of saving power. I turn my heater when it is cold because I like to stay in a warm room. Like you, I try not to use hot water to do my washing.


  2. Nice to see you posting again, Piers. I am having some rooms in my house remodeled now and we are using energy efficient appliances, energy efficient new windows, and better insulation. They should help cut down our electricity and propane gas use.

    The United States government actually gives tax breaks for using more energy efficient windows and appliances so we are actually getting a lot of the money we spend back!

    Mr. C